We are joint stock company established in Egypt, with fully Italian technique as a partner with "Ferretto Group companies" , one of the biggest group companies working in the racking systems and Automated Storage houses.

Ferretto Group is an integrated enterprise engaged in the sector of goods handling and storage.

Ferretto Group consists of :

  1. Armes: for manufacturing Metal racks "and other store systems.
  2. Promag: for manufacturing the automated storage systems.
  3. Bertello: works in the field of warehouse logistics and automated systems for archiving and its products.
  4. Egeria: it studies and develops dedicated software for the logistics and several types of automated systems for handling and storage.
  5. Archimedia Ingegneria: an engineering company capable to assist its customer in the design and realization of civil works.
  6. Euclide: a company specialized in mechanical design related to industrial automation and automated storage systems.